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Even though it's Bodyline I got my first legit, non-handmade piece. My shoes came too! and they don't smell funny. I think its a little weird that the clasps are attached the the show with snaps.. its awkward to put them on.

Back to the dress, The lace is a little scratchy; and it definitely needs to be pressed. The fabric is soft too. I need to sew the buttons on a little tighter they are a little floppy and you can see the pink dots to mark where the buttons go.
I need to get a bigger petti coat! mine isnt poofy enough for the dress. It fits like a charm though. I really can't wait to get my other dress soon. I don't have shoes to match it. :(

I really want to know if there are any more lolitas in montana? It can't just be me.. there are only 4 members of the wc_lolita community..

anyways, I will postsome pictures once i finish the petticoat and press the dress. This weekend maybe.. but i have rehersals like crazeh.. so I dont know! :)

This is my first entry

Hello everyone,

How is everyone today?
I guess I should post an introduction or something huh?

My name is Jessica, I go by that or Sparky. :) I am 20 years old and go to the University of Montana for Media Arts and Dance.. minoring in Art. yay me! I am married to an awesome man! <3

This journal is mostly going to be about my Lolita experience and me growing as a Lolita. You see, I have admired Lolita fashion/lifestyle for so long( 6 or 7 years) But living in Montana there is a lot of pressure to be "normal".  A few weeks ago I decided to suck it up and be me- who I have always wanted to be.. So I came out of the Lolita closet lol. :) I do know a bt but I want to learn more, and grow- make friends and enjoy life. I am tired of sitting on the sidelines watching! I am doing something for once.
I am hoping that lolita will help me become more confident and outspoken about who I am- I don't want to be a doormat anymore..

I need to take pictures of my outfit today- It super casual but i think its adorable.  :) I feel so pretty in it, I love it. <3

In other news I ordered my first dress off bodyline(sorry world! I can't afford brand right now, I am planning to get a AP dress here next semester when I get my grant refund check from the uni.) I also got a pair of shoes too! once again I am poor.

I have sooo many ideas and things I want to sew; i keep spending lots of money at the sewing store in town! ahh! :( I plan to finish up this skirt and then make another and make a sweet jsk! Winterbreak is going to be a sewing bonanza! especially since i am not taking wintersession classes! yay! :)

Well world, that is all today.
have a good one!

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